Cash Cup Extra Recap – Week 3, Season 7

Hey, everyone! 

Everything has to eventually come to a close, and that includes DreamHack Fortnite Season 7. The last tournament of the month was Cash Cup Extra Presented by DreamHack, where the most powerful trios of Europe and NA East fought relentlessly for the highest place in standings.

Some of them prevailed, some of them not…  Here’s the recap for EU and NA East!


Sometimes, even if you plan everything, things don’t occur as you would like. At the very beginning of the broadcast, we had a little detail with Leven2k’s mic, and it was quickly fixed. 

Yes, it happened a hundred times in your Discord calls. Yes, it happened once in DreamHack too. Sorry, we’ll make sure his voice gets heard the whole broadcast next time! 

In the first match, the kiryachelfg + EvozA Stormyrite + Gambit Toose trio had a rough time. At one point of the game, the player for Gambit was the only one alive. 

Far from panicking, he took control of the situation and fought against a whole trio by himself, and took 2 eliminations. A third-party player helped him, and eliminated the last enemy remaining of the reckless team. The enemy of your enemy is your friend, right?

Talking about stressful situations, where only 2 teams were left in the lobby, LootBoy Fastroki was on fire. With his trio, the expectations of winning were high. Sadly for him and his team, the irg gabix tazien + CR yvsuf + DST clair trio said something loud and clear: This is OUR Victory Royale! 

The low-grounds have three names written in them: CL Rotory 78 + VISU 0 PING + ovLDER 運氣. In their third match, they earned the win by dominating the enemies.

The actual champions of August 25’s CCE EU, Falcon Veno 7 + Falcon TaySon 7 + rezon ay лол 7, claimed the higher place in standings by earning the Victory Royale after two 2nd places in their second and third matches.

One wasn’t enough, right? Then two back-to-back Victory Royales were earned by the champion’s trio. At the end of their sixth match, they were leading the standings with 580 points.

The points were not enough for them to stay in the top 100, but the @KowzerYT + @Wazzyrr + @zynooox trio had a great performance in one of their matches. Congrats!

Finally, the Falcon Veno 7 + Falcon TaySon 7 + rezon ay лол 7 trio was August 25’s Cash Cup Extra Presented by DreamHack EU Grand Finals Winners!

P.S. We had a post-tournament interview with the top-10 champion playing for Copenhagen Flames, FlowiS: Check it out!

NA East

This region started their journey with an exciting prediction made by our talents on camera: Kelly Link, Panda and MonsterDFace.

The first Victory Royale that we witnessed on stream was the one from the ЅPIKE NADA + SRN L2R2 + 7eo ӝ trio. Their win condition? The healing.

A great ending was the one that the 33 HEIGHTONLY + TNG Eomzo + TNG chukky FR trio had. Epic reflexes make epic last eliminations.

We all know that positioning is important, but… you know HOW MUCH it is? Check these final moments of the coldfv + ELITXE7 + TMP Cryp trio.

The Latin Power is real too! The MSE Matux + MSE full piece + soulx 7 trio made it to the top 80 after this Victory Royale in their eight game. 

Finally, the TSM FTX Comadon + FaZe Cented + NRG Edgey trio was August 25’s Cash Cup Extra Presented by DreamHack NA East Grand Finals Winners!

Keep an eye out for more information on Season 8 and the rest of 2021!