Cash Cup Extra Recap – Week 2, Season 8

Hey, everyone!

Spooky season is over, but November came with another great tournament!

With a new format (33 Trios from qualifying Cash Cup, One dedicated lobby and 6 total games), let’s recap what happened in each region:


One player in the high ground, two in the low ground, that was the strategy that zeykoo + Wave Slovay + EsTy used during the first game, and it worked perfectly, securing their well-deserved Victory Royale.

At the beginning of the broadcast, our casters & host shared their predictions, and Adam Savage was right! His choice was the Kami + BL Setty + GXR teeq trio, which played incredibly well, and earned their first Victory Royale during game 2.

Fun fact: Their Game 1 placement was… 2nd! 

Game 3 was a blast for the Queasy + GUILD Anas + Th0masHD trio. After eliminating the recent winners Kami + BL Setty + GXR teeq, the Victory Royale was earned and secured.

Ready for some irony?: The Frасtіоned + OPT RIFTY + VCTRY Shaggy trio, Game 4 winners, actually earned the Victory Royale by eliminating the Game 3 winners, Queasy + GUILD Anas + Th0masHD!

With an post-apocalyptic view, and a smooth riding-the-imaginary-wave ending, the VCTRY Kefyy + Monaco pkr + LP mlody trio earned the fifth game Victory Royale.

They did it once again! The Kami + BL Setty + GXR teeq trio, Game 2 winners, made it to the end-game and earned a second Victory Royale in the last game of the session.

Finally, here’s the top trios from November’s DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite EU:

And their respective Champions, zeykoo + Wave Slovay + EsTy: 

NA East

What if we tell you that a single trio reached the amount of 139 points in only one game? Yes, it happened. The TNG Okis + FS notpandda + Faze Bizzle trio made it to the top!

An absolute epic game was the one that the NRG Bucke + TNG Peterbot + G2 MackWood trio dominated. The Victory Royale allowed them to place 3rd in standings, at least for a few minutes!

Game 3 was Extra epic, as the Userz + DL Justice + Duke trio reached the Victory Royale. The win allowed them to place 2nd, only 8 points away from the “Champions” title. 

You can ask Ajerss + BBG Khanada1x + VOIL what healing means to them, because it allowed them to earn their first Victory Royale in Game 4.

Lots of action during Game 5! When all the things were getting out of control with teams building their structures and attacking at the same time, the Moon Bezerk + Moon Brutal + VCGO glepo trio conquered the end-game. 

The last game was hard for all the teams… Or well, not for all of them, because the LG Jamper + XTRA yyed + NOVA TRAGIX个 trio got the Victory Royale easily, securing the 5th place in standings.

Finally, here’s the top trios from November’s DreamHack Open ft. Fortnite NA East:

And their respective Champions, VCGO crxspy + FLu Death7 + moon tetro: