Participation conditions for DreamHack Raffles

I) The winners are informed via email. After having received a notice the winner has two weeks to claim the prize. If the winner fails to respond within two weeks any rights to claim the prize may be dismissed.

II) The participant is responsible for the the accuracy of their statements, especially for the correctness of their email address. In order to participate it is necessary that all required information is valid, otherwise the participant may be excluded from the raffle. In addition the participant is fully responsible for the shipping address data they provide. The winner agrees that their name and photo may be published.

III) Prizes
There is no possibility of claiming an alternate prize or alternate payment of the prize in cash. In addition it is not possible to trade the prize for other items, vouchers or goods. The participation in a raffle is not a contract between the participant and DreamHack Inc. If the prize is provided by a third party, DreanHack Inc will not be responsible for defects, incorrect prizes or wrong information..

III a) Non-cash prizes
Payout of prizes in cash is not possible. The winner is responsible to provideDreamHack Inc valid and correct shipping data. Therefore DreamHack Inc is not responsible if a parcel wasn’t accepted, can’t be delivered, gets lost.

III b) Cash prizes
The prize money will be transferred via Paypal or bank transfer. Therefore the winner is responsible to provide valid and correct data. The prize money will be transferred between 4 weeks to 6 months. This date may vary.

IV) Employees of DreamHack Inc and all concerned partners and their affiliates are excluded from participation.

V) There is no legal recourse.

VI) DreamHack Inc reserves the right to cancel or end the lottery at any time and without advanced notice, if an adequate and orderly execution of the lottery is not possible because of technical or legal issues.