Streamers at Beyond

We have 120+ streamers joining us for Beyond, providing entertainment 24/7!

Sign up for the Hearthstone Three-Headed Dragon Challenge

Register for our massive Swiss format Hearthstone tournament with $30,000 total prize pool! Compete in Europe, the Americas, or the Asia-Pacific. Each tournament has patronage to one of the Dragon Aspects, creating the first-ever Three-Headed Dragon Challenge!

Rocket League Boost Cup

Join in the celebration of Rocket League with open competitions ranging from traditional, freestyle, to cosplay where you can create your best in-game car designs!

Stream Shudder

Stream the largest uncut, ad-free selection of horrors, thrillers, and suspense only on Shudder!

Battle of the Bands Judges

Please welcome the immensely talented MIWryan from MIWband, AlexBentDrums from Trivium, and elijahwitt from Cane Hill!

Over 70 partners at Expo

You’ll be able to try out demos, compete, talk to developers, go on quests, and much more within the world of Beyond.

Latest collection

Prepare yourself to dive into the story of the mystical Sleepers with our new pillows, mugs, and t-shirts.